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Y12 Investment Partners



Y12 Investment Partners

 Y12 Investment Partners is  here to provide a range of resources that can help build a deserved financial future, Whether you need assistance with investment solutions, financial planning, retirement planning,  life insurance or more, we have advisors that offer sound advise and provide solutions to give peace of mind and clear direction.

 Our team, with every solution and every service, is dedicated to helping you maximize your financial potential with solutions based on a thorough discussion of your needs, your goals, and your objectives. 

Whether you're just starting out, raising a family, nearing retirement,or retired we are here to help you find suitable financial solutions to get you on your way to reaching your goals 

Ellen Coppinger, CFP™

Financial stability is often the priority as you think about your future. Planning and being prepared for financial events along the way is crucial to your financial stability.  It’s important to plan with the help of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional. Ellen Coppinger CFP® can help you develop a personalized plan for moving forward. 

Have you asked yourself these questions?

Am I saving enough? How do I quantify my long-term goals? How much insurance do I need? Do I need an IRA? What’s the best way to save for college? Am I prepared for long-term healthcare needs? 

Ellen will assist you  to clarify your financial picture, present you with a plan with recommendation to help assist you to achieve your financial goals and objectives and meet you annually to review your plan to make adjustments as your goals grow or change over time. 



As I began my career in banking in the early 1990's I found many facets and products to provide financial education and products to my members. To stop the piecemeal of financial strategies I went back to school to earn my designation...

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